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I write songs because I simply love writing music, arranging and recording, I get the most rush though when people like you listen to my music and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and listening to my musical expressions. A few years ago I decided to put my songs up for sale over on CD Baby, If you wish to actually purchase the songs you can do so by clicking on the image below.

Paul Simmons CD BABY songs.
If you would like to donate to my songs and buy them (you can even search for me on your iPhone and purchase a track through your iTunes if you wish to) I would be thrilled.

Or you can 'donate' here via paypal if you are so inclined, a 0.49p gift :)

Of course there is no need for you to do any of this as my songs are all here for free and for your listening pleasure, I put the option to donate and pay here just because some people like to do this and ask me how they can, so I have made the option available. I am really just glad you came here and listened to my music, thank you.